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A unified communications solution
that always gets full marks

We’ve been collaborating with educational establishments for many years and have witnessed firsthand just how important it is for teachers, professors, and students to be able to focus on learning without worrying about their safety. It’s a sector we thoroughly enjoy working in too as we get to teach the teaching professionals about our world of possibilities.

The positive opportunities and benefits that our unified communications solutions deliver is often met with delight and fascination, and showcasing their capabilities is something we never tire of. Combining our solutions with the commitment of teachers is a winning formula for creating the ultimate educational setting.

Communications solutions for schools and colleges

Solutions that mitigate classroom distractions and keep students safe

While we can’t prevent all commotions from occurring – the things like nosebleeds, lost dogs wandering into the grounds and the like – we can eliminate incidents that have the potential to cause harm and upset.

By supplying key personnel with robust communications, you’re empowering them to remain connected and in full control, so even when they are working apart from each other, they have the ability to operate as one unit. These devices have the power to do so much more than just deliver real-time, crystal clear, voice and data communications, they enable the users to collectively monitor the entire estate and the land outside it too.

Servicom Video Security for Education
Uniting all of your safety systems

Our solutions seamlessly unite all of your facilities including your surveillance systems. Should a system be compromised, your designated personnel will be notified immediately, have the power to collaborate with others instantly, and respond in the most effective and timely manner. Below we have listed some examples, together with the actions that the technology allows:

• Should unusual behaviour be detected inside the grounds, an alert will be sent to your dedicated teams allowing them to take relevant action. If unusual behaviour occurs outside of your site, your personnel have the capability to remotely secure gates and doors.

• If an unexpected person is present in a restricted area, again an alert will be activated. This demonstrates the sophistication of our solutions, as while the person may not be acting in an unusual manner, their very presence in that particular area is suspicious.

• Should an individual need to be found, the ground-breaking scanning technology can quickly locate them or identify their last-known location.

• The facial recognition feature enables schools, colleges, and universities to pre-programme persons of interest. Should such a person be identified on the property or close to the periphery, an alert will be triggered. Again, gates and doors can be remotely operated, and the emergency services can be automatically alerted.

• Fire and smoke alarms trigger data to be sent to personnel enabling them to pinpoint the exact location and severity of the incident. They can then alert other key personnel and take swift action. Our reliable radio devices can be used to switch off ventilation systems and if necessary, they can activate your evacuation procedures and contact the emergency services.

When seconds matter, this technology has the power to save lives.

Feel free to contact us to learn more and to chat about your unique requirements. Or, in the meantime, you can download our Capability Sheet to read about our unified solutions in more detail.

Education Capabilities

Keeping students safe, and free from worry, in their educational settings is our priority

Having worked in a variety of campuses, we are aware of the potential dangers, and acutely aware that our solutions must never distress the students, or cause parents’ unnecessary concern. We do everything that we can to ensure the solutions we implement are as non-intrusive as possible without ever compromising on its quality.

Keeping everyone, and everything, connected

Lots of schools, colleges, and universities benefit from having a unified communications solution as it can be connected to all devices including two-way radios, mobile phones, computers, tablets, and landlines. So, no matter the person’s role or location, they can remain in constant contact with each other.

Tailored solutions to perfectly mirror your needs now and in the future

Anyone who has ever worked in more than one educational establishment will be able to tell you with confidence that they’re all very different. Whenever we’re invited to visit a campus, we always go with a completely open mind and never make any assumptions – this would simply stifle our ingenuity.

There’s the layout of the estate, the size of the building or buildings, the classroom sizes, the number of pupils, the extra curriculum activities that take place there, the physical and mental abilities of the children – the list goes on.

And this is what we love. We love getting to know our clients. We love the challenge of always deigning a unique solution, and we love the flexibility of our technology that allows us to deliver exactly what our clients want and need.

In return, we deliver complete peace of mind, technology that is scalability to grow and adapt with your needs, cost-effectiveness, and features that really make a huge difference to the learning experience.

Mette Brandt Bjerknæs F2 World Championship with JRM Racing Get in touch

Supercharge your heroes with supreme technology

Not all heroes wear capes, but they do carry two-way radios.

Take a virtual tour of our world. You won’t need x-ray vision to see why so many businesses turn to TRBOnet.

When you think of your favourite superhero character, you think speed, strength, and intelligence. You can count on them to be at the right place exactly when they’re needed. Well, allow us to introduce another champion that could be a part of your team - the TRBOnet communications system.

Supercharge your heroes with supreme technology

Your teams are the true superheroes
of our time.

But when you arm them with the ultimate communications solution, you’re elevating their natural superpowers to the max. Equipped with TRBOnet’s products, software and hardware they’ll be able to make the best decisions, alert multiple parties instantly in just the click of one button, assign tasks, track vehicles and more besides. Flawless multi-tasking just got a lot more powerful!

Here’s how our team at Servicom can transform yours:

• Based on your unique needs we will design, consult, and install the ultimate communications solution.

• Build you a solution with TRBOnet to provide different means of communication including radio over satellite.

• Turn your existing smartphones into Push-to-Talk devices that will connect to your radio network with a Mobile app.

• Provide the support you need whether that’s business hours only or the most demanding of SLAs.

• Utilise TRBOnet’s bespoke radio network enabling you to experience flawless coverage that outperforms any cellular network. The network can be tailored to your capacity and coverage needs too.

• Implementing TRBOnet’s products will enhance and simplify your dispatch centre’s operations, allow events and voice calls to be recorded, and hugely reduce emergency response times.

Communications Solutions Trusted By JRM Racing

Real Time Communications For The Ultimate Competitive Edge

Mette Brandt Bjerknæs F2 World Championship with JRM Racing
Team JRM Racing

Mette also thanked the team at Servicom High-Tech via her own, and the JRM Racing, Facebook pages for their hard work.

In a thank you email to Servicom, Bjerknæs says,“I am so pleased to let you know that the communication system in my boat worked perfectly during the entire race. Crystal clear sound and the volume was perfect after I switched to the different ear buds.”

Servicom supply a custom two-way communication that consists of Motorola DP4600e radios for the land-based team and a Motorola MD4400e which connects to Mette’s boat. As with all projects, results are scrutinised, and improvements continue to be made.

Mette Brandt Bjerknæs

What’s next for the JRM duo?

Both drivers are in training for two World Championship races which are due to take place in Portugal this September. After a successful return to racing this month, the drivers’ passion for the sport, and their determination to better their times to move closer to achieving a gold medal, is back.

Bjerknæs and Stoddard both hold British licences which enables them to use the outstanding testing facilities of British powerboat racing circuits to boost their preparations for September and to put Servicom’s technology through its paces once again too.

The power of the boat and the speed of the communications

Just a few days prior to the 6 July 2021 UIM F2 World Championship, the JRM Racing team made the 1,300 mile trip to Kupiskis in Lithuania.
Armed with one aim – to win.

With 18 skilled powerboat drivers taking part, and almost 18 months away from the sport due to the pandemic, the drivers don’t just rely on their own skills, but also the quality of the technology and the ingenuity of their team.

Mette Brandt Bjerknæs and Robin Stoddard represent JRM Racing in this championship and between them, they hold world, national and club titles. Servicom are incredibly proud to provide the communications for both of these world-class highly experienced powerboat drivers.

To enable both to 100% focus on performing at their best it is crucial that their communications are reliable and robust. Having the ability to maintain a constant bi-directional boat to shore dialogue with team members is essential in this physically demanding sport. To achieve the best time, both drivers rely on others to act as their eyes and ears regarding details of the race and conditions of the water. When they are in their powerboat, the roar and spray of the water must not interrupt their concentration. Servicom’s solution ensures that the communication technology in the boat is hard-wired, responsive, unobtrusive, and noise cancelling.

The need for speed

The speed of the powerboat and the speed of the communications is key. Even the fastest powerboat in first place can falter should there be a delay in communications.

During the trial laps on the morning of the 6 July, both drivers using Servicom’s robust technology ironed out any issues to ensure the optimum outcome.

Bjerknæs and Stoddard’s communications systems is a bespoke installation.   All the cabling for the audio and headset is customised including the Push to Talk at the steering wheel.  The installation has to be uncomplicated, fit the smallest of spaces and remain completely unobtrusive.

These trial laps provided the opportunity for the two drivers to become familiar with the technology as trust is essential to their sporting mindset. These trial laps provided the opportunity for the two drivers to become familiar with the technology as trust is essential to their sporting mindset.

Team results

The race was littered with adversity with many boats colliding, but this didn’t dampen the competitors’ high spirits.

Bjerknæs and Stoddard both experienced difficulties too. When interviewed shortly after the race, Bjerknæs openly thanked her radioman. “I started the race from 14th grid and climbed five positions after a very good start. Unfortunately, due to a crash on the first lap, I was pushed back to my starting position, leaving me to fight my way back up again. Thanks to my brilliant radioman, I finished the race in 8th position and ended up in 7th after a disqualification. I am very pleased with the result.”

Mette Brandt Bjerknæs race start in F2 World Championship

Servicom deliver winning solution

for the All England Lawn Tennis Club

Servicom deliver winning solution for the All England Lawn Tennis Club
AELTC Head Groundsman

The importance
of seamless

On a usual day, the AELTC deploy around 200 two-way radios over 40 talk groups. During The Championships, Wimbledon this number increases by a further 1200 over an additional 80+ talk groups.
The Wimbledon Tournament doesn’t just appeal to tennis fans, this major global event attracts the attention of sports enthusiasts across the world. For just a short time every summer, all eyes are fixed on this prestigious event.

But when the professional spotlights of this exclusive tournament are no longer on, the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) work tirelessly all year round and continues to operate as an exclusive members' tennis club.

To support future growth and to meet the evolving demands of members, visitors, staff and world champion tennis players the AELTC turned to us to design and implement an improved, scalable and flexible multi-site communications system.

Known for its high quality, attention to detail and seamless operations, the AELTC insists that all key personnel have access to flawless, crystal clear, secure, instant communications. And it’s not just the umpires, ball boys, coaches and players who need to be in the right place at the right time, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes too.

Hospitality personnel, gym staff, onsite retailers, maintenance staff, security professionals, gardeners, photographers, cleaners, groundstaff plus a whole host more must have the ability to receive and transmit reliable communications 100% of the time. Faultless communications is crucial.

The infrastructure that we have put in place supports this extra capacity, resulting in the AELTC experiencing no disruption to their service. Plus, we provide all additional handsets on a managed basis which is not only cost effective but delivers extra peace of mind.

Wimbledon Championships Arena

AELTC Wimbledon Support team

AELTC Wimbledon IT Staff

World class partnership

We’ve worked with the AELTC for several years and understand their requirements and their future needs. We’ve also been a trusted partner of Motorola for many years too. This winning combination enables the experts here at Servicom to continually exceed the client’s expectations.

Want to know more detail?

We’ve created a detailed case study which explores the products and methods used in this project.

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The importance of seamless operations

It’s imperative that all visitors and spectators experience something special. The grounds must be impeccable, the lawns must be luscious, and they must feel safe.

The new high performance, feature-rich communications system that we have created for the AELTC is connected to all essential operations.

This ensures that the AELTC have complete control over their sites and have the ability to activate processes such as their all-important irrigation system.

To keep all personnel safe, the fire system has been integrated to the communications solution. Not only will this alert key personnel to take immediate action, but they can also access visual accounts for full situation awareness.

And as the solution is fully scalable, the AELTC is now looking to deploy further features such as GPS tracking and lone worker to boost their existing superior health and safety functions.

Network expansion

As part of the update, the AELTC needed two of their remote sites, Roehampton and Raynes Park, to be connected to the network.

The business-critical technology is hosted on a VM environment and powered by DAS’s fibre enhancers to make sure that communications remain faultless in the event of any outage and allows the client to benefit from a flawless multi-site system.

Both Roehampton and Raynes Park operate as stand-alone networks. Should in the rare event that the linkbacks to the main radio site at Church Road, Wimbledon fail, they can continue to operate.


The importance of futureproofing the system

The work that goes into developing and overseeing a project like this is immense. It takes a lot of time, research, skill, knowledge and testing to deliver the ultimate solution.

It is always our aim and mission to provide systems that are flexible and will meet the needs of our clients for years to come. We are dedicated not just to maintain, but to strengthen, all of our customer relationships.

To futureproof this project, we created a solution that can cope with extra capacity and remain flawless across multiple sites. We also predict, along with the AELTC, what their future needs will be. We believe that simply ‘adding on’ never works. Communications solutions should have built-in extra capacity which saves time and money in the long term.

This new system certainly has the power to deliver more. There’s so much strength in scalability and flexibility.

All Images courtesy of Wimbledon Images. Copyright belongs with the originator. No ownership is implied.