No Cellphone Coverage
O2 network down 2018:

O2 boss Mark Evans said: "I want to let our customers know how sorry I am for the impact our network data issue has had on them, and reassure them that our teams, together with Ericsson, are doing everything we can.”

Vodaphone down June 2019:

The Independent - “Vodafone's official account is yet to publicly tweet about the problems but has replied to a variety of users complaining about connectivity problems.”

Three network down 17th October 2019

@ 11am: - "Three is currently experiencing technical difficulties with our services across voice, text and data which means that some customers will be experiencing an intermittent service. Our engineers are working on the issue now to fix the problem as soon as possible. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to our customers.”

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Silence is not golden.

Here at Servicom we know for certain that all our customers depend on being able to communicate. All the time. There is no good time for down time.

If your business lost access to communication, what then?

Businesses and organisations, using critical or even non-critical communications, must carefully consider the impact on their business if they solely rely on cellular. Outages experienced by Three network customers nationwide recently and countless others across major providers over the past year means that the business cost must be considered.

What does your world look like without your wireless communications for an hour? A day? Longer?

It’s too late to tweet - A careful apology on Twitter will not solve your safety, manufacturing or logistics issues. It will not ensure that flights are scheduled, that staff are safe or that deadlines are met. It will not repair your eroded profit margin or reputation.

PMR Radio’s resilient - It’s a core part of what it is. Ever relevant, reliable and growing Private Mobile Radio (PMR) is the mainstay of professional and critical users worldwide.

We don’t ever want to hear of a lasting cyber-attack on a major bearer. But we would support our PMR users through it.

Cellphone Networks Bad News

Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

A good solution to solve structural and network interference problems is a custom-built Distributed Antenna System (DAS) where multiple antennas are positioned to provide coverage to multiple departments at a lower power, when a single high-power antenna might have problems reaching one area, while interfering with neighbouring networks.

Providing communications in the hospitality sector

One of the most complex communication situations to deal with is in city centre hotels and retail environments.

The first consideration is the built environment. The modern city centre of residential blocks, hotels, shopping centres and entertainment venues poses a particularly challenging environment for telecommunications. Modern buildings can be constructed of a wide range of different materials, for example copper cladding is popular, and can be beautiful to look at, but it is also used for RF shielding. Older historic buildings also pose problems of course, with thick walls and floors, and restrictions on planning and alteration.

Many city centre locations are likely to have vital services located in basement areas to maximise accommodation space above ground, laundries and kitchens as well as guest amenities such as parking and gyms still require guaranteed coverage. That’s just one problem to deal with. The venue is likely to be situated in a sea of RF networks with limited frequency spectrum available. It is of utmost importance that the location has a bespoke system designed that does not interfere with other networks or is interfered with in its designated coverage area.


Servicom, with over 30 years of experience delivering communications solutions in all sectors and environments, has a close working partnership with Motorola Solutions and other manufacturers.

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Beyond physical structure and network topology, presentation is also always a vital consideration.

Hospitality after all is selling a lifestyle for customers to identify with. Guests are used to seeing modern up to date technologies such as they might use at home or have seen in movies. Front of house systems and devices used by staff are expected to be modern in design, slimline, light and compact, while still providing all the robust reassuring features we’ve come to expect in terms of security, reliability and connectivity.

That modernity in design also pushes a desire for increased functionality to provide extra services to hotel management. This results in improved health & safety, security protection and efficiency for both guests and staff. Up-to-date systems connecting to fire panels and building maintenance monitors, so that issues and threats can be addressed immediately, are likely to become de facto standards, along with staff management systems to provide Job Ticketing, dynamically allocating guest services to clean and prep vacant rooms, and Indoor Location, so that staff can easily be found in an emergency.

One solution to all these requirements is the MOTOTRBO range of Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) equipment from Motorola Solutions.

With 12 million users and rising, MOTOTRBO provides a selection of modern feature-rich communication devices, compatible with management consoles such as the TRBOnet Plus, and a range of applications and customisation options.

Servicom, with over 30 years of experience delivering communications solutions in all sectors and environments, has a close working partnership with Motorola Solutions and other manufacturers. Located in the Midlands and South East, Servicom has an envied track record of installations for high profile clients in these challenging environments. We'll work with you to guarantee your communications solution works everywhere it is needed.


New Airband / Avionic Product Introduction

8.33kHz/25kHz VHF COM Airband Transceiver

The IC-A25CE 8.33kHz/25kHz VHF Airband transceiver is the latest radio from Icom. It’s a cut-down version of its Big Brother, IC-A25NE, providing just COMMS and no NAV. It has 6 watts of output power, a stylish modern design, easy-to-use interface and large 2.3-inch LCD all combined to provide stress-free, simple in-flight operation. The 8.33kHz/25kHz handportable is ideal for customers who want a no-nonsense easy to use radio.

Icom UK have published a very useful knowledge base article  "Everything you need to know about Airband radios" you can find it by following the link.

Product details
Channel spacing: 8.33/25 kHz
Emergency key: 121.5 MHz
Output Power: 1.8 / 6 Watts Selectable
Battery: Up to 10.5 hours
Display: 2.3-inch Large High Visibility LCD
Channels: “Flip-Flop” Channel Recall (300)
IP Spec: IP57
Dimensions: Height: 148.4mm | Width: 58.9mm | Depth: 31.8mm
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Managed Services, the future for many organisations.

Migrating from CAPEX-oriented decision making towards total budget analysis, TOTEX; Servicom believes the future for many organisations is when CAPEX expenditure is leveraged toward savings in reactive maintenance costs, simultaneously enabling a comprehensive approach to asset management. Based on this TOTEX business model, Servicom provides a shared responsibility approach, supplying the skills and capability to flexibly and efficiently deliver tailored communications systems. TOTEX facilitates innovative solutions which, although requiring upfront expenditure, rewards in significant long term OPEX savings compared to CAPEX.

Within Servicom’s Managed Services provision we work to install regular software upgrades and patches, guaranteeing long-term software stability, up-to-date security features and improved system wide integration. To complement our infrastructure provision we offer a wide range of Terminal devices to meet our client’s needs; customers can have confidence that we only supply equipment that we support. We have vast experience deploying portable devices that combine the best fit for purpose, utilising the latest proven technology.

Campus Security

Artificial Intelligence in the control room

As well as the (AI) solutions Avigilon products include network video management software and hardware, surveillance cameras, and access control solutions.

Plugging Artificial Intelligence into your CCTV

Avigilon are currently developing some of the most advanced CCTV systems in the world. The company were acquired by Motorola Solutions back in 2018 and Servicom, as a platinum reseller for Motorola, will be using the technology to further extend our products and innovative solutions.

At Servicom we have many projects that go beyond two-way radio; extending systems and unifying IT infrastructure. We are very excited to be introducing this patented (AI) technology. Utilising these tools we can use new and legacy IP camera systems to access powerful Artificial Intelligence with self-learning video analytics appearance and search technology with automatic alerts of potentially critical events. This includes the ability to search for and locate a person or vehicle across an entire site or sites.

This cutting-edge technology fits perfectly into the Airport sector as well as large scale retail. It is also a perfect fit for properties and estates requiring enhanced security.

Key features

  •  Evolve Legacy IP Camera Systems into Powerful AI Solutions
  •  Quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest across an entire site
  •  Search using Physical Descriptions
  •  Search can incorporate the characteristics of a person's face
  •  Remote viewing from any device lets you monitor live and recorded video over wireless IP
  •  Integrates within existing control room environments
  •  For Airports, large scale retail and other properties requiring greater security
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Product Awareness

Every Team. Any Network. All your Devices.

Push to talk meets reality with the Motorola Wave Communicator

Connect your PMR systems using Apple and Android devices (smartphones, tablets or personal computers) on site or outside of your planned radio coverage using broadband. This level of connectivity allows members of your team to be connected almost anywhere in the world. The connectivity is secure and enables private calls, group calling and messaging. All of this is entirely integrated into your digital system. Whether your system is large or small Servicom and the Wave Communications application make certain that you can directly contact critical teams and key members.

For further information on integrating this type of technology with your existing system please drop us a line.

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A safe learning environment is central to the mission of every school and university.

With a changing social and political landscape governments and local authorities are keen to ensure that educationalists provide for the safety of staff and students alike.

Digital radio works to establish security; reliable communications allow staff to be more productive. Servicom’s engineers have produced designs to meet the needs of a wide variety of sites of differing scale and in varied geographical locations. From large multi-campus city universities through to specialist schools working with smaller groups Servicom can build a system around your circumstances.

Servicom’s systems provide more than just voice communications; innovative features include Lone Worker, Man Down, GPS Tracking for outdoor positioning, Bluetooth beacon technology for locating radios and their users for in-building use and wireless connection to phone systems. Bringing all this together frees up valuable staff time for key productive tasks.

We can work with academic management teams to integrate fire alarms, gates and doors. Restricted and general access areas can be differentiated between – allowing entry to the right people at the right time. Campuses have their own unique security needs. Our adaptable two-way radio solutions also work back to back allowing them to be taken out of the school environment and used to support school trips, helping heads and governors meet their duty of care. All our engineers are fully trained and Servicom affirm our commitment to quality through our continuing education programme.

Campus Security

New Product Introduction

Revolutionise your fleet management with these unique labelling and colour options

Nine colour variants allow you to organise specific talk groups or departments within your organisation, raising efficiency. The TP3 range features an analogue only version (TP3300) or DUAL analogue/DMR tier 2 digital versions with or without keypads and colour displays; depending on your needs. Health and Safety features such as Man Down and GPS location can be found on the TP3350.

With the added flexibility of easily swapping or replacing the coloured cases this makes re-coding your teams a cost effective, long term proposition. With this range Tait have designed something that is incredibly user friendly; the label areas on these radios allow operators to add their own additional customisation such as channel information, operators ID etc.

Product details
Dual Mode: DMR Tier 2 and Analogue
Frequency Bands: VHF: 136-174MHz UHF1: 400-480MHz
Output Power: 5W, 4W, and 1W options
Channels/Zones: 2,000 Channels for 4-key and 16-key radios
Man Down: The TP3350 model comes with Man Down as standard
Connectivity: Bluetooth® as standard
Integrated GPS: The TP3350 model is equipped with location services
MIL Spec: Military Standards for Humidity & Vibration
IP Spec: Shock IP67 Dust and Waterproof
Colours: 8 x Colour options available
Dimensions: Height: 127mm | Width: 58mm | Depth: 34mm
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